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Enthused To CSEnthused To CS

Enthused To CS

😎Fluent with "Hello World" in programming languages.
⭐️Some experiences in Python and Django for back-end.
📊Use R as my drawing board.
🐧With Linux/Shell everyday, but only use currently.
😘My new love: Rust, but it doesn't love me.
⛽️Always be a novice.

Love My LifeLove My Life

Love My Life

🙌Work hard, play harder
🏀Old fan of Thunder and Westbrook0
☕️A coffee a day keeps the burden at bay.
🎥Since the invention of the movie, human life has been extended at least three times.
🎵Music is a universal language, now prefer JayChou and Kanye.
🏋️Enjoy the endorphins secreted by exercise.

Bland GraduatestudentBland Graduatestudent

Bland Graduatestudent

A graduate student of Crop genomics in the National Key Laboratory of Crop Genetic Improvement, Huazhong Agricultural University.
My research interests include:

  • Bio-database architecture and development
  • Graphic genomics
  • Bioinformatic kits development
  • 🥱